Redcurrant software storage solution is designed to handle PETA-bytes of data in a distributed way, data such as: images, videos, documents, emails, and any other personal unstructured data.

Redcurrant is brought to the community by Worldline


Redcurrant is composed of several directory and storage services, together creating a unique namespace without Single Point Of Failure. Check out the Redcurrant Architecture page and discover the 3 levels of meta directories.
Thanks to this distributed directories, even intensive I/O can be spread on a maximum number of nodes.


Redcurrant solution needs only very basic storage features; it has been compiled on x86 and ARM, does not expect Hardware RAID nor any other advanced storage feature. It is up to the administrator to decide the type of hardware to use. Redcurrant only requires filesystems with Extended Attributes (XFS,EXT4, …).
Redcurrant can quickly integrate new storage or server suppliers, and manages storage diversity thanks to unique features:

  • conscience computes scores of each service: faster nodes get better scores
  • storage engine manages data duplication or parity, as well as storage class. Content can be located on different storage (for performance) with different algorithm (for security)
  • crawlers apply asynchronous modifications such as storage policy changes, chunk move, lost content repair

Please check out Architecture and Technologies to know more about Redcurrant.


Redcurrant provides advanced data management features that you can discover here.


Redcurrant is used by Worldline in production since 2008.

For more information, start with the Frequently Asked Questions and Features page.

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