Redcurrant is a software storage solution for very large-scale unstructured data volumes; A solution that combines heterogeneous physical resources in a unified and coherent set of services in Grid Computing approach. Capable of storing objects without limit in order to provide public or private storage clouds.

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Discover Redcurrant unique architecture, allowing a massive consolidation of heterogeneous servers and storage devices into a single namespaceRedcurrant is available under several formats, pick the most suitable for youLost in Redcurrant configuration? Check out the documentation section

Main Redcurrant features

Object Data access go through a single object API, available in C, JAVA, Python. Redcurrant is not a posix mountable FS.
Scalability Thanks to the distributed directory, number of contents is really unlimited. There is no limit imposed by design and no need to forecast the futur size of your Redcurrant platform like in ring based software.
Performance Storage performance is obviously a key driver, but core software has been developped in C and highly tuned for maximum performance.
Reliability Directory replication together with data replication guarantee data availability at any time. Availability level is just a configuration item.
Hierarchical Storage Management The Storage Engine allows data to be stored and moved during its lifecycle to the most appropriate storage in term of cost and performance.
S3 Compatibility Redcurrant is on the way to be S3 compliant.
No vendor lock-in Redcurrant runs on any x86 server, with any kind of storage device. Even on Raspberry PI !
Supports any kind of file and metadata Storing seamlessly any kind of file (videos, musics, office documents, images, binaries …) together with valuable metadata.

More exclusive features to be discovered in the Product section.


Redcurrant is now opensource and available for free. Please tell your friends about Redcurrant

Redcurrant documentation is licensed under PDL1 License.

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